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Increased Usability, Process Efficiency, Reduced Cost
Sage Assurity works with companies in the financial service industry to design and develop custom enterprise solutions that improve customer satisfaction by increasing usability, increasing process efficiency, and reducing cost. 

Our differentiator is that we are specifically focused on providing building MISMO standard based building blocks for mortgage origination and processing systems and we provide 70% - 80% functionality out of the box for clients.  We provide MISMO standards based mortgage components.  Additionally, we customize any functional requirement gaps to specifically meet your client’s needs.  Our solutions leverage state of the art system architectures with open standards based technology (Java, Model Driven, Service Oriented, Aspect Oriented Architecture, Relational Databases), that deliver a mission critical enterprise level systems, which easily communicate with integrated and external vendors.

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      Application Hosting & Support

Sage Assurity Financial can exceed your expectations for integration support.  We have significant customization experience from multiple mortgage lines of business and business channels including brokers, credit unions, and broker bankers, with both retail and wholesale mortgage lenders, which include some of the largest lenders in the country.  This cumulative experience can be leveraged towards your efforts to provide a customized competitive and innovative end to end Loan Origination and Processing Solution.   

Internet Application Framework
The Sage Assurity Internet Application Framework (IAF) is the foundation of Sage Assurity's internet based software solutions. The IAF provides a secure extensible infrastructure that serves as the underlying architecture of the e-Business applications developed by Sage Assurity.  Features, such as online-offline data management, replication and syndication, roll based business process collaboration, and service-oriented functionality across connected and disconnected states, allow users from multiple organizations and rolls to work together, share information, and collaborate.  The IAF supports business process collaboration among members in a team of authorized users by allowing users to subscribe to various collections of information, such as the data in a given mortgage application.  Once the authorized subscription is set-up, a user can work in disconnected mode, and then automatically synchronize their work data with that of coworkers, upon connecting.  Automated software updates are also pushed to a users system, via the IAF architecture.  The IAF is 100% pure Java, J2EE, enabling it's integration with enterprise systems, as has been done by many of the nations top financial companies.  Currently, the IAF provides the foundation for lending systems in the nation's largest mortgage lender.  The flexibility and power of the IAF make it an excellent framework for custom enterprise web application development.

The framework utilizes three logical component tiers:  client applications, centralized enterprise application server, and web service portal to integrate business process services including vendor interfaces.  The underlying platform also provides infrastructure support for enterprise security, reporting, billing, and tracking.  In addition, platform provides administration tools to monitor service fulfillment turnaround times and availability.  The vendor interface component provides vendor specific implementation requirements. Utilizing a common framework makes it easy to build multiple services quickly, allows making any version updates in a central place, and provides centralized value added services.

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